F-Secure, McAfee and Symantec websites again XSSed

Written by DP

Friday, 13 January 2012

Once again, the websites of the three famous antivirus vendors are vulnerable to cross-site scripting. The vulnerabilities were reported by "Zeitjak" and "dick" back in mid-April 2011 and appear to be working still. They can be triggered on the latest Firefox but not on the latest Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, due to the built-in XSS protection which is enabled by default.

Malicious people can exploit the vulnerabilities to perform drive-by-download attacks against visitors and faithful customers. ("><body+onload="document%2Ewrite(Strin
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Past XSS vulns and News: ("
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Past XSS vulns and News: (";document.location="";// (TEST)

Past XSS vulns and News:

One thing is sure... when such vulns go public, usually all the three vendors do their best to correct them quickly.

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