Not surprisingly, McAfee websites are susceptible to XSS attacks

Written by DP & KF

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Update 31/03: McAfee has fixed all the XSS!

Update 30/03: PaPPy has submitted another XSS affecting McAfee:

Famous antivirus-security vendor McAfee has been all over the news the past few days, regarding cross-site scripting and information disclosure vulnerabilities that affected several of its websites. It all started when the Burmese-based YGN Ethical Hacker Group published the related details to the Full Disclosure mailing list. McAfee has acknowledged the vulnerabilities in a statement sent on Monday to Angela Moscaritolo, a reporter for, and said that they are working to fix them.

The XSS flaws are quite dangerous as they could be exploited by phishers to trick unwitting victims into downloading a third party application (a virus for example).

In the past, McAfee were quickly fixing the XSS vulnerabilities published on our archive, so they do not really have a reason for taking so long to fix these ones (YEHG contacted them on 2011-02-10).

Note that we have a huge list of XSS to be validated, and we found two (2) more XSS in the "onhold" list, which we published here:

YEHG have also produced a demonstration video called "XSSing McAfee Secured".


From YEHG's video

McAfee's Web Help

McAfee's Corporate Knowledgebase which appears to be running InQuira Information Center, developed by InQuira Inc.


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